New Year, New You

As we approach the end of what can only be described as one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory, we are guided by hope.  Hope that this coming new year will reunite us.  Reunite us with friends and family, but also with ourselves.  During this last year, I know that I have personally lost touch with myself.  I saw, as I sat glued to social media for hours on end, that some people were making the most of their newfound freedom.  However, myself and many more like me, made the least of it.  We sacrificed routines, waited days for showers, stopped caring for ourselves in one aspect or another.  We may have put on 15lbs of quarantine weight, ran up significant debt, or let our living quarters fall into disarray.

The coming new year brings about new hopes, goals, and aspirations.  This coming year, our resolutions take on more meaning than maybe ever before.  How do we begin to achieve the goals we have for ourselves?

  • Start small.  We did not let things go overnight and we cannot allow ourselves to believe we can fix them overnight either.  Remember that the journey of 1,000 miles, begins with a single step.
  • Set out a list of steps needed to achieve that penultimate goal.
  • Begin with what you personally can control.
  • When in doubt, follow your heart

We have been bombarded with facts and statistics all year and we have sacrificed our hearts desires in the process.

Let us make this year the best rebound that we can by caring for ourselves and one another.

From all of us here at Wake Robbin, we hope your new year is amazing.


Happy New Year!


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